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14k Delicate Three Stone Sapphire Ring

14k Delicate Three Stone Sapphire Ring

14k Blue Topaz and Diamond Ring

14k Blue Topaz and Diamond Ring

14k Five Diamond Wedding Ring

14k Five Diamond Wedding Ring

10k Large Purple Stone Ring

10k Large Purple Stone Ring

14k Round Ruby Ring with Diamonds

14k Round Ruby Ring with Diamonds

About Jewelers Cortland, NY

Important cause we pursue

Jewelers Cortland, NY, 8 Main Street, downtown Cortland has just completed 42 years in business. If we were to list our assets at the top would be our customer base of hundreds of people who continue to shop at our store. Our products include fine jewelry, estate jewelry and jewelry from Ireland. We service broken jewelry and fix watches as well as replace watch batteries. We buy estates of old jewelry, coins and diamonds. We try to keep it uncomplicated. If we have it we will sell it. If it is broken we will fix it. Need some jewelry we don’t have, we order it. Don’t want it anymore, we will buy it or try to help find a buyer. Our new website is an extension of our brick and mortar store. We now offer a fun way to browse our unique selection of fine jewelry. You receive the quality you expect from our local store with convenient online browsing and ordering.

Historical Research Center

We offer a unique service through the Historical Research Center. We have a massive database of family names to search through. Over 1 Million!

There is a huge selection of Irish names, but you may be surprised to find names originating from many different countries. Germany, Italy and many more. We can show you your family crest, and a small page on the origin and history of your family name before you choose to have it printed.

We can print and frame our most popular items in our store. The Celebration Scroll, Coat of Arms and Double Coat of Arms. The Double Coat of Arms or Anniversary Collection makes a wonderful wedding present, to show the binding of two families. Any of the items; including caps, mugs and sweatshirts make excellent Christmas presents. Just make sure to order them well ahead of time. We also offer customized Family Crest Signet Rings in Sterling Silver. They are an eye catching and unique piece to show your family pride.

Sell Your Jewelry

We buy depending on our inventory.

Gold, Sterling Silver, Flatware, Quality Vintage Jewelry, & Gold Men’s Wrist Watches. Call for an appointment.

Exotic Fine Jewelry

Exquisite 14k Emerald and Diamond Earrings

Exquisite Colombian Emerald and Diamond Earrings. White and Yellow Gold With Yellow and White Diamonds. These earrings are fit for a queen! Price Available.

Exquisite 14k Oval Blue Green Tourmaline and Diamond Ring

Exquisite 14k Tanzanite and Diamond Pendant

Exquisite 14k White Gold Sapphire and GIA Diamond Ring

Exquisite 18k Peridot and Diamond Pendant

Exquisite Australian Opal and Diamond Necklace


The hustle and bustle is here. And we are overstocked with wonderful inventory. If you’ve never stopped into our store, you’re in for a treat. Even if you’ve stopped in many times, you’ll still be blown away by the amount of new inventory we have right now We have a lovely collection of Scandinavian amber, the likes of which you have never seen. Oranges, yellows and even rare green amber in beautiful designs. With prices that are surprisingly affordable. Our exotic fine jewelry case is featured on our website. here It is…

Small Business Saturday and Thanksgiving, what do they mean to me? It is a big deal having owned my small business since 1973. I am thankful for my business, my employees and my customers who have supported us all these years. At this time of year besides being thankful one ponders what the difference is between big business and small personally owned businesses. One of the key differences is service. In a small business, especially retail, personal service is a big part of the business success. If you go to a restaurant that is locally owned chances are that the…

Summer is over and our thoughts in jewelry return to things like class rings, upcoming holiday gifts, and turning on the heat. We have sold class rings for many years and they are a good buy when compared to rings bought in schools. Our delivery is a bit faster, our prices a little lower and if something goes wrong with the ring we can correct it. We also now have a line of rings that have the family crest for those looking for a unique one of a kind…. And, speaking of family crests, we have the equipment to…

We had a great time at Brockway Day. We look forward to it every year. This year was a scorcher, but people still came out in droves. Main Street was as full as we’ve ever seen it. It was wonderful to see all the trucks. The Herse that was parked outside of our store had to be my favorite. It even had a casket inside! Here are a couple of the pictures I took. See the rest on Facebook, Click Here We still have a bunch of Brockway Merchandise. We can’t wait for next year show!

I hope everyone’s summer is going well. Lots going on at our store. We are sorry to lose Marcia and Ginny from our regular staff. They have both decided to retire, travel etc. They have both been a tremendous contribution here and a delight to work with. They say they will be available to come in when we really need them. We have added Theresa Streeter to our staff that also includes Meg, Jennifer and Suzanne. Meg has been with us for many years and runs the back of the store, helps with buying and works up front too.

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